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Hello Dog Lovers!
Hi! Welcome to our website. We were hoping you'd find us. Now that you have, we'd love to meet you and your dogs. We run a different kind of doghouse here, not like the big scary ones that keep a hundred dogs a day. We don't have tiny little crates and there are no dog runs. Our doghouse is kind of like home, and that's the way we designed it to be.
Dogs love to stay here because it's like the coolest vacation ever for them! Dog owners love it because they trust and know their precious babies are getting exceptional care and attention and it's like their second home. Here your dogs get fresh air, exercise, and rest. Sorry if we spoil them... they're our number one priority. They get hugged, loved, squeezed and kissed more than you'd ever realize or expect...
Indoors we have a comfortable home-like setting and secured areas where the dogs can play and rest comfortably. Outdoors we have about 3 acres of fenced space where many dogs get to go out and run for their exercise or just sniff around and explore. Most dogs are happy to go out in the grass and take a good long walk or take a good long poop... Many dogs just want lie around and do nothing. ...and that's cool too if that's their style. Your dog will be socializing, playing, and sleeping with their friends.

After a long day of activities, play, and exercise, our dogs get plenty of rest too. Their busy day wears them out and they just want a place to lie down, rest, and sleep in peace and quiet while they recharge. They rest easy here because the doghouse is like a home and they feel safe and comfortable inside... Everyday all doors and gates are open and everybody comes and goes as they please. In extreme cold, hot, or inclement weather we go inside where there's TV, HVAC, comfortable lighting, pictures, curtains, clean furniture and rugs to lie on... just like home... everything is clean and sanitary and always is! It's like the living room. And you wouldn't think so, but one of the coolest things of all is that... most of the time it's really unbelievably quiet!
  • We're always here on-site 24/7 and "we even sleep in the doghouse" You won't find that anywhere else!
  • Open area. Plenty of room. We don't use crates unless you want us to (...and that's just for sleeping anyway).
  • No hidden extras or surprise costs at checkout.
  • We're a small family business. Licensed and Insured. Keeping only 20 dogs at a time​.

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PictureJust taking a break from the heat
When your dogs stay with us they make some really good friends while they're here, not only with us, but with other dogs as well. Dogs that come regularly meet new dogs all the time which makes them so much more sociable, manageable, and friendly. You'll see a difference the first time they stay with us and they get better every time they come. Your pup will want to come back as soon as they can because they have a great time here. Several friends tell us when they start packing gear or loading up for the ride here, their dogs go nuts because they know it's going to be a great day today!

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